Kısa Lateks Bel Trainer Kadın Korse - Siyah

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Product Information

Short Latex Waist Trainer contains 9 nanotechnological plastic bones that allow you to improve and correct your posture. This Waist Trainer can be used by anyone and is also suitable for postpartum. With regular use, the corset has an effect on belly, waist and abdomen areas of the body. It also provides permanent slimming and tightening.

* Before using the product, please read the instructions in the product bag!

Instructions For Use

If you do not have any health problems (e.g. allergic diseases such as latex allergy), we recommend you to wear your corset on a cotton blouse up to 6-8 hours during the day.

Cleaning Instruction

Because this corset contains durable plastic bones, it’s suitable for hand washing. You can also clean your corsets by wiping them with a damp cloth and airing them.

Material Composition


4% Spandex

Natural Latex
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