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Product Information

The special Neotex fabric contributes to sweating up to ten times. This jacket helps to make your belly, waist (sides), back, chest and upper arms permanently slim.
Compared to normal workouts, workouts with Neoprene Sweat Sauna Jacket increase body temperature and contribute to fat burning.
You can get rid of unwanted fat and weight quickly and easily through Detox effect. 
This jacket should be worn up to 1-3 hours during active times for an effective result.
Thanks to the Neotex fabric, the jacket is breathable and sweat-absorbing, so it doesn't bother you.
You can get your dream body in a short time!

* Before using the product, please read the instructions in the product bag!

- Increases the effect of activity thanks to Neotex fabric
- Increases body temperature and accelerates fat burning
- Can be worn in every weather
- Sleeves are made of recycled scuba fabric
- In this jacket, one and a half PET bottles were recycled.

Cleaning Instruction

This product is only suitable for hand washing without detergent and fabric softener. After each use, turn this product inside out and air it. Don’t wring out and do not dry in the dryer!

Material Composition

%56 Neoprene

%44 Polyamide

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