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Ürün Kodu : T114
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Product Information

Neoprene Sweat Sauna Biker Short maximizes the effect of sports activities and workouts. It also helps you lose weight. With this short, you will notice that your metabolism accelerates with increased body temperature during the workout. So you can easily lose weight and burn fat with less effort. This biker short has the special Neotex fabric that makes you sweat more than usual and burn more fat.
This short helps to make your upper legs, hips, lower abdomen, belly ,and waist permanently slim.
Effective on legs, hips, lower abdomen, stomach ,and waist.
Can wear during any sport (including yoga, pilates).
Has elastic fabric and a high waist.
Single-color (black)

Cleaning Instructions

This product is only suitable for hand washing without detergent.

Material Composition

%56 Neoprene

%44 Polyamide
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